PinPanel is brand-new software designed to increase traffic and advertise via Pinterest. Recently developed by ArkGroup, it uses all the latest features available nowadays. Its easy and efficient tool for internet marketing.

Pinterest? Latest movement, ultra-hip social network that binds together thousands of internet users. People share their likes, interests, wishes and they find new friends that have similar ones. You can find interesting ideas, you can find people, and you can find new costumers. Its just so easy – pin it. When you have followers, you can spread something in seconds. It can be your product or service. But make followers take time, and you know that time is the most valuable thing for business minded people.

So, again PinPanel. Imagine this piece of code is you. It pins, repins, makes new friends, followers – all that time consuming work. Once you have enough followers, you start spreading out whatever you need. Pretty simple and fast way to build good traffic to your website. It’s also an excellent possibility to take up your page rank.

Here’s what¬†PinPanel will do for you:

  • Get you thousands of followers on Pinterest.
  • Get traffic from Pinterest to your website.
  • Increase your product sales and profits.
  • Make your website friends with Google and Pinterest.

Main features of PinPanel:

  • Pin, Like, Comment, Re-pin, Follow, Unfollow Automatically.
  • Multiple Pinterest accounts support.
  • Proxy and VPN support.
  • Built-in de-captcha.
  • Human-like account processing.

Visit Features page to get more info about capabilities of PinPanel.

Download PinPanel from sidebar or Downloads page and check it our before purchase.
Please note: main features are turned off without a valid licence code. All the features are available as soon as you import your license code inside PinPanel.

Check out our How To and you’ll find more information about PinPanel including how to install and how to use it.

PinPanel is in no way affiliate with Pinterest. We do not support SPAM! PinPanel operates based on the Pinterest limits. By purchasing our product, you fully agree to abide by Pinterest’s terms of service.