New features of Asin Grabber

We have added some new useful features to Asin Grabber.

Result fields has been changed to one big field. Order and delimiter options could be set before or after you get results.

One of the new features is a progress indication. As you know, the more asins you want to get at a time, the more time Asin Grabber needs to go through Amazon. Even more time is required if you want to get additional product related data. Asin Grabber didn’t show the progress before, it only showed that it’s busy, but sometimes for a number of reasons it never stopped and showed the result. Such behavior was fixed with a new progress indication feature.

Another new feature is a history page. Asin Grabber saves all the queries and all the results now. It is now possible to look through the history if required. It’s also possible to clear the history.