New Auto Updater Release

We’re proud to present a new version of Auto Updater which supports a lot of cool new features.

Download Auto Updater

WooCommerce support is a key feature of this release. Use all the advantages of WooCommerce to create the best Amazon affiliate websites in terms of look, search engine optimization, audience targeting and the most important, profit. Visitors of your websites would have absolutely real shopping experience and would be transferred to Amazon during the checkout process. As always, once they are at Amazon, 90-day cookie ensures you get a commission once they purchase the items.

Auto Updater plugin at your websites won’t get an automatic update. You should download a new Auto Updater plugin and re-upload it via WordPress or FTP. Backup your custom template files before you re-upload Auto Updater plugin.

Please note: usual WordPress categories and WooCommerce categories are different type of categories. In case you have WooCommerce installed, Auto Updater would work with WooCommerce categories only. In case you want to transfer your website to WooCommerce we recommend to backup all the URLs for all the categories from Auto Updater dashboard, then install WooCommerce, then re-create categories and place URLs into appropriate fields.

One more important feature of this release is Yoast support. Now Auto Updater supports both All-in-one SEO Pack and Yoast by default. Please contact us in case you need to integrate Auto Updater with any other plugin.

Always use latest Auto Updater plugin files for new website.