Amazon Affiliate Hosting!

Build a Unique Amazon Affiliate Store With Thousands of Products in Minutes!

Amazon offers a great affiliate program where you can earn up to 15% for each sale from your site. They take care of order processing, collecting the money, and shipping products.

As usual it takes a lot of time to create and launch a complete store. BUT with our hosting you get a preinstalled store so you can start selling in minutes!

Please Note: this is a privat project launched on August, 2012, so amount of accounts is limited. Hurry up to get your own Amazon Affilate Store for $1 only*!

How it works

1. Fill the form below and click "Get Free Account!" button. Wait 2 minutes.

2. Point your domain to our server.

3. That`s all! Your store is up and running!

What You Get

1. Amazon plugin that allows you to easily add hundreds of Amazon products in minutes.

2. 10 WordPress themes already adapted and optimized to work with the Amazon plugin.

3. Hosting without weird limits like CURL disabled, max_execution_time, memory_limit, etc.

How Much It Costs

1. Amazon plugin - average value $100.

2. Themes - $10/each, average value $100.

3. Hosting - $6/month, average value $72/year.


Total price: $272

But With Us You Can Get All This For $1/month only!

1. Starter plan - good for begginers. 1 store for $5/month.

2. Advanced plan. 3 stores for $12/month ($4/month for each store).

3. Expert plan. 10 stores for $20/month ($2/month for each store).

4. Master plan. 30 stores for $30/month ($1/month for each store).

If you are interested in our hosting please feel free to contact us at